A Simple Mind Control Spell Techniques

Learning how to secretly hypnotize someone is really easy! Here are three ways you can secretly get people to do whatever you want. You’ll only be limited by your imagination.

What would it be like if you could secretly hypnotize someone any time, any place? If you understood how easy these hypnosis methods are, how much would you be using them? Just pretend for a moment that you’re the kind of person that can master these skills — you have the choice to use these skills for good and evil (because everyone’s intentions aren’t pure you can imagine how these skills in the wrong hands could have drastic consequences – much like a bank robbery but one without the victim even knowing they were handing over the cash!

As you keep reading this article you’ll discover not one but three powerful ways that you can secretly put people — even strangers — in trances.

As you become more proficient at hypnosis, because let’s face it that’s your ultimate goal here, you’ll be virtually able to sub consciously suggest anything to anyone.

The first method is called mind control spell story telling.

It’s based on conversational hypnosis — because that’s the art form that you are really wanting to learn today – as conversational holds the key to using hypnosis every day in your life, both socially and at work.

Hypnotic storytelling is very easy, there are specific words and phrases that you intertwine in your every day narrative.

Here’s an example:

What would it be like if you just relaxed and learned how to do hypnosis so naturally. Consider what it would be like and how it would make your life so much better….

Here’s another example:

You should remember that learning hypnosis is a very natural thing to do, you are probably doing accidental hypnosis on and off throughout your day without even realizing it. Just allow it to happen and go with the flow.

Pattern Interrupt is another method.

Have you ever driven somewhere and wondered how you got there? Or performed certain functions at home and then suddenly felt wide awake? Because you’ve been on autopilot your brain has carried on the work without you fully being “there”.

Let’s take the example of a handshake. You move forward to shake someone’s hand and at the last minute you move their hand in front of their face and tell them to look closely at their hands. You’ll see their focus change and their eyes get fully dilate as they go into a very deep trance.

Hypnotic language patterns is the third method. This method will become your favourite method. No-one will even know you’re doing it. You’ll be chatting like normal with friends and family but you’ll “secretly” be embedding commands and sneaky inductions to put them completely “under your spell”. As you practice more and more you’ll really have fun with this method.

The more you absorb yourself in conversational hypnosis the more you’ll be able to completely change your life, and even the lives of those around you.

As soon as you discover the ease with which you can use these three hypnotic techniques you’ll feel fantastic about the fact that you put in so much effort to learn it today.

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